Why Back To The Future Is The Greatest Trilogy Ever Made

Why Back To The Future Is The Greatest Trilogy Ever Made

Many movie trilogies have been made and just a handful of them are considered great. From all of these trilogies, however, which one is considered the best ever? To me, there could only be one and it’s the Back To The Future trilogy. In my opinion, Back To The Future is the greatest trilogy ever made and here is why.

None Of The Three Films Suck

Nearly always in any trilogy, one of the films will not be on par with the other two. Sometimes that one film will only be okay and other times it will be horrid and ruin the trilogy (see: Spiderman 3). All three Back To The Future films were awesome and none of them dragged the franchise down. Few trilogies can say all the films are good and Back To The Future is one of them. Each film has a distinct setting and even a time it is set in. The characters are alike due to being relatives of each other but distinct enough to be different to their ancestors. Back To The Future has the perfect balance of having all three films different enough to be unique whilst also being similar to each other as to not stray from its original premise.

It Blended Adventure, Comedy and Sci-Fi Perfectly

One of the best things about the Back To The Future films is that it didn’t stick to one genre. At times it had the geeky sci-fi as the main focus of the story. It changed to be a comedy when it needed to be funny and had the explosions and tense situations of an adventure film. The films never over saturated itself with other genres as it didn’t need to be. Too many times a film is one specific genre and that alone makes it dull and monotonous. Back To The Future isn’t like that and I never once found myself bored with all three films, even after I’ve watched them multiple times.

Back To The Future Was In Three Parts

A fair few times a film will be come out and be a box office success. Due to the popularity of the movie, more will be made for it to capitalise on all the money making. The Back To The Future sequels were not made due to the success of the first film. In fact, just by watching them and their endings, you can tell the whole story was planned. It just needed to be split into three parts due to the length. The perfect trilogy for me is one where all the pieces fit and the story flows perfectly. Back To The Future is exactly that and I could watch all three films in one sitting.

It Won’t Be Re-made To Soil Its Legacy

Film remakes get brought up in these Hollywood meetings quite often. Maybe they’re out of ideas or enough time has passed that the old film is considered ‘fresh’. The new movie will either be a financial and commercial hit or it flops and the film’s legacy is tarnished. This won’t happen with Back To The Future – at least for now.¬†The film’s director Robert Zemeckis and producer Bob Gale own the rights to the Back To The Future franchise. Robert stated in an interview in 2015 that there will not be a remake in their lifetime. No doubt that a trilogy remake will happen when both men pass but at least for now we can rest easy knowing that the original trilogy will stay as good as it was without a revamp taking the whole franchise down to turd town.

I’m always up for a good discussion! What is your favourite film trilogy and why?