Where In The World Should I Go On My First-Ever Holiday?

Where do you go on your first-ever holiday?

First-Ever Holiday

I have never been abroad so trying to think of somewhere outside the UK to go on holiday is tricky. Do I somewhere cultural or sunny? On the beach or inland? The first holiday will always be one you will remember most or at least that is what I think. I have narrowed a possible first-ever holiday list down to just five destinations. Each place is different and unique in their own special way. Without further ado, let me get onto my list of five possible first-ever holiday destinations and why I wanna go there.

Tokyo, Japan (Reason: Technology & Gaming)


Landscape Tokyo

I can’t have a blog with a section on gaming and not mention Japan at all in this post, can I? Tokyo is the gaming and technology capital of the world. Gaming publishers Game Freak and SEGA even have their headquarters in the city and everywhere is full of technology.

Rome, Italy (Reason: Culture)


Colosseum Rome

I played (and 100% completed) Assassins Creed 2, so I know Rome, at least in the gaming world, is beautiful. The amazing architecture in this city alone is awesome and very inspiring. From the famous Colosseum to the lesser known Arch Of Constantine, the builders in the past in Rome were talented.

Orlando, FL, USA (Reason: Sun & Fun)


Disney Orlando

One of the main reason people travel abroad from the UK is to get much better weather. So it really doesn’t get much better than the sunny state of Florida on America’s southeastern coast. Not only does it have the sun, it has the fun. Florida can boast at having two world-famous theme parks, Disney World and Universal Studios, in their state.

South Island, New Zealand (Reason: Adventure)

South Island

Milford Track South Island

One major reason I want to travel is that I want to have my own adventure. Australia was close, but I opted for New Zealand as my destination as it looks like it has more to offer. A lot can be done in New Zealand’s larger island including bungee jumping, skiing, backpacking and more. There are many National Parks that can be explored including Fiordland National Park, home to the Milford Track – a 53.5km hiking route.

Warsaw, Poland (Reason: Family Roots)


Warsaw Market

Just to give this some backstory, I am actually one-quarter Polish from my mother’s side. I know my Grandad escaped to the UK in World War 2 however as from where he came from in Poland, I have no idea. As I can’t go directly to where he came from, I decided on the next best thing and go to the Polish Capital of Warsaw.

There are my five choices on where I can go on my first-ever holiday and even after writing this post and reading it back a couple of times, I am still completely undecided. These five places are at the top of my list now but this could change when I actually set foot out of the United Kingdom. Which of these five places would you go to or have you been to already? Do you have other suggestions to sway my decision? Comment below and let me know where you went on your first-ever holiday too!