What Epic HiYou Food Things Did I Just Buy Recently?

What Epic HiYou Food Things Did I Just Buy

What Epic HiYou Food Things Did I Just Buy?

Shannon and I have been out and about in Newcastle and we stopped by the HiYou supermarket yet again. I picked up some more HiYou food things to taste and review and tried to broaden my horizons as they say. This haul is a little different to my previous HiYou Haul as it is more savoury than sweet this time around. So let us delve into the goodness and see what epic HiYou food things did I just buy recently?

Miaow Pizza Crisps Packet

Miaow Pizza Crisps

Miaow Pizza Crisps

I had never had crisp that had tasted like a pizza before so this was new for me. They were a lot smaller than what I was expecting which is good as you get more of them. Whilst they look pale and lacking in flavour, they definitely didn’t. The flavour did come across as more herby rather than cheese/tomato like a pizza. Overall they were rather tasty but lacked that ‘pizza’ flavoured that was promised. 7/10

Leslie's BBQ Clover Chips Packet

Leslie's BBQ Clover Chips

Leslie’s BBQ Clover Chips

Another pack of crisps and these one looked sort of like Skips. The crisps were BBQ flavour and while that did come through, it wasn’t very powerful at all. There was only a hint of the barbeque flavour making them taste quite dry. I had to have a drink after having a few of them. Much like the Miaow crisps, they were nice but not as flavoursome as I had hoped. An okay but rather dry crisp that sadly lacks flavour. 5/10

Indomie Mi Goreng Noodles Packet

Indomie Mi Goreng Noodles

Indomie Mi Goreng Noodles

I do enjoy an easy to make Instant Noodle packet. It’s simple and quick and filling so I had to buy a few of these. While I did cook them as per the instructions on the packet, I felt they were too overcooked. The noodles came out rather oily and sticking to each other too much for my liking. They were quite spicy and I am not the biggest fan of heat so this didn’t go well with me. There also was not much flavour apart from ‘hot’ but they did fill me up afterwards. Some decent, filling instant noodles but could have swapped heat with flavour. 4/10

Haitai Egg Shaped Cookies

Haitai Egg Shaped Cookies

These looked bright and colourful so I was drawn to them straight away. It wasn’t until looking at the packaging that I realised that these could be for children. The biscuits themselves were small, crunchy and sweet. They had a hint of lemon and not too much to be overpowering. I could have eaten a whole box of them they were that nice. It is a shame that I believe they are for children rather than adults. The baby chick on the front should have been a dead giveaway. Sweet and crunchy biscuit with a hint of lemon – perfect for kids! 8/10

Nice Choice Taiwan Blueberry Cake

Nice Choice Taiwan Blueberry Cake

From first glance, this reminded me of a good old British Fig Roll with blueberry instead. In place of the fig, the blueberry was really sweet and gave the cake a nice tang to it. The pastry itself wasn’t as sweet as I had hoped but this didn’t bring the flavour down. Sadly t it was quite dry and left me needing a drink. Also, the filling was nowhere near as much as on the packet. A delicious treat that could have been a tad sweeter in the pastry with more filling. 7/10

Nissin Soba Noodle Pot

Nissin Soba Noodle Pots

First off, I apologise for having no photos of these. I took them to work and didn’t fancy taking my other halves camera with me and risk breaking it. These were different to Pot Noodles as you drained the water out of the pot instead. This left you with dry hot noodles with even more flavour. The Curry flavour had a spicy taste but not too much heat – so even I was able to eat them. The Sukiyaki Beef was also lovely, but it tasted like the Beef Pot Noodles we get here in the UK. The Yakitori Chicken was also nice but didn’t have the impactful flavour of the other two I had. Better than other noodles in pots I have tried with a decent amount that fills you up. 9/10

Nissin Soba Instant Noodle

Nissin Soba Instant Noodles

I think Nissan Soba is my favourite brand of instant noodles. They have the most flavour out of any I have tried and the flavours are unique. I picked up the Teriyaki and Thai flavours and I was not disappointed. While the noodles are a little oily, it’s needed so the noodles can be fried to perfection. I did prefer the Thai flavour more so as it had a very unique spicy flavour to it. Not saying the Teriyaki was bad but it didn’t have the same power of taste as the Thai flavoured ones. I ate both of these without stopping and felt full (in a good way) after finishing. A delicious and flavour-varied noodle brand if only a little oily due to how it’s cooked. 8/10

Next time I will have to try the fresh bakery they have there as well as move past noodles no matter how delicious they are! This is only a tiny selection of the HiYou food available at the supermarket. You can bet I will be doing another one or two more of these hauls in the future.

Have you been to HiYou or any other Asian supermarkets recently? What is your favourite HiYou food and why?