Top 5 PS4 games I have played So Far In 2018


Top 5 PS4 Games I Have Played So Far In 2018

It’s been a fair few months but I’m back and ready to roll with a brand new blog post! I had got myself a PlayStation 4 before Christmas and since then I had only 3 games for it: FIFA 18, Rayman Legends & WWE 2K17. When Christmas came, that all changed and I had a fair few more games to add to my collection. I tried to play them all evenly to start but soon some games I got more into than others. I got nine games for Christmas and below are my┬átop 5 PS4 games I have played so far in 2018.

5 – Final Fantasy XV

Top 5 PS4 Games I Have Played So Far In 2018 - Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV

To be fair I actually bought this sometime in November after seeing it on Amazon. It was cheap for a game that only came out a year ago and thought I deserved a little something for myself. I’ve really just started at the moment but that didn’t stop me having a few hours play in one go. A big drawback for me is the Battle System as it’s not what I’m used to in Final Fantasy games. I’ll get used to it and get immersed in the story but that is going to take more hours. This is why it sits only at number 5 on this list and not much higher.

4 – Grand Theft Auto V

Top 5 PS4 Games I Have Played So Far In 2018 - Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V

When I asked what is the best single player game for the PlayStation 4, this game popped up on nearly all lists. While I may be in the minority, I prefer to do the missions first and get into the story over wrecking havoc. The story is slowly starting to come together only 6 missions or so in and I love to see where it ends. While the character swap feature is a little annoying, I can see the purpose of it and it makes for compelling gameplay. The fact you can explore anywhere on the map from the get-go is a huge plus – despite only exploring 20% of it myself.

3 – South Park: The Fractured But Whole (& The Stick Of Truth)

Top 5 PS4 Games I Have Played So Far In 2018 - South Park The Fractured But Whole

South Park The Fractured But Whole

This may be cheating a little as despite getting the one game, they did come as a two-game package. I started playing The Stick of Truth and enjoyed the battle system and the humour however it did get a tad repetitive. That is when I installed the second game and played that. The humour was still there and hilarious, but the gameplay shifted completely and it had a new turn-based grid battle system. While it is close, I will have to give the edge to the newer game as I find the battle system more thrilling. Although going into every house and searching every draw for random (yet hilariously named) items is quite the chore in both games.

2 – Rise Of The Tomb Raider

Top 5 PS4 Games I Have Played So Far In 2018 - Rise of the Tomb Raider

Rise of the Tomb Raider

As a huge fan of the early Tomb Raider games, I was sceptical of the game having seen some videos of it as it didn’t look like the Lara of old. It looked like it was more Angel Of Darkness (urgh!) than Last Revelation. After the first hour, I was hooked instantly and enjoyed every little bit of gameplay. The actual exploration and raiding of tombs as secret areas was great. So far each tomb has been varied and the puzzle has been unique and challenging. I am only at 60% completion, so still have a lot of game left and I am loving it. So what beat Tomb Raider even after all the glowing praise for it?

1 – Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy

Top 5 PS4 Games I Have Played So Far In 2018 - Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

If you thought the two South Park games on this list was cheeky, well this one has three full games. This was the game I was looking forward to the most since I got my own PS4 console. The new games took everything that made the originals amazing and then gave it a makeover. Even for a cartoony looking platformer, the game itself is beautiful. The only flaw I can really give this game is that when the game is easy, it is very easy. When the game is hard, it is hard. Trying to get every box from start to finish in a level without dying is a mammoth task. It was bordering on fun and challenging to difficult and mind-numbingly annoying. Apart from that, this game is without a doubt number one in my top 5 PS4 games I have played so far in 2018!

What games did you get for Christmas and how many are you still playing? Let me know in the comments section below!