PS Plus Free Games For March

PS Plus Free Games For March

Just like last month when I looked at the PS Plus free games for February, I am going to do it again this month. I originally thought that there are only two PS Plus free games for March, but was surprised when I saw there was five! The two main titles this month have previously received critical acclaim, with one of them being a remaster as it was so good, and the other having a cult following. The other three games don’t have the same high profile name but a free game is a free game! So let us delve into my thought on these games we get for free this month on PS Plus.

Bloodborne Title


First off we have the action RPG game Bloodborne, developed by those nice folks over at FromSoftware. If you’re thinking this is just like Dark Souls, then you’d be correct. It is even made by the same guys who made the Souls series. Back in my last PS Plus free games post, I mentioned how tactical RPG and action RPG are not my cups of tea. However considering that this game was highly praised, I couldn’t pass up on the chance to have a go anyway!

Bloodborne You Died

You’ll be already aware I am sure, but this game is HARD. And I don’t mean difficult, I mean hard – it does not want you to win. It is all about knowing enemy attack patterns, how to dodge them and exploit their weak points. You can be at a high level and still get owned and die. That is the point of this game – you learn from your mistakes and you do it again and again until you master it.

Bloodborne Gameplay

The dark tone of the game fits well with its gothic setting and eerie story. The levelling system allows you to spend a certain amount of currency (blood in this game – of course) to level up your stats. As you gain higher stats, it costs more to increase them. Just killing the same 15 enemies in the first area won’t help too much. Expect to rack up a lot of hours on this game, especially if you’re dying a lot. A hard game that may be too much for some but well worth a try for those who want a challenge.

Ratchet & Clank Title

Ratchet & Clank Remastered

Another of our PS Plus free games for March is the remastered version of Ratchet & Clank. The action platformer/third person shooter game was developed by Insomniac games originally on the PS2 in 2002. It then went on to be re-released in wonderful HD in 2016. Sadly I was one of those few who NEVER played this game back in the early 2000’s. This means that my first play of it will be this lovely re-mastered version.

Ratchet & Clank Pose

The re-master game shows off how well the PS4 can update beautiful areas from older games. Unlike Knack in the last PS Plus Free Games post, this game is less linear and has a more open world. You explore the area and can open up new parts of the planet with new tools that you get in the main story. There is a wide variety of weapons you can obtain and use each with its own pros and cons. You can level up each weapon by killing enemies with it, then add extras using stones called Raritanium. It’s a pretty cool system so you don’t just switch to the next most powerful weapon every time you get a new one.

Ratchet & Clank Gameplay

It is more of an action and shooter than a platform game though. A lot of things can be done in the game alongside the main story arc. A lot of collectables like weapons and Gold Bolts are in the game. Maximising every weapon to its highest level and stats will take a while too. It is definitely a cool game and would have loved to have played in back on the PS2 originally. And the sewer level wasn’t even that hard – did it on my first try. Am I missing something?

Mighty No.9 Title

Mighty No.9

Mighty No. 9 is a side-scrolling platform game published by Deep Silver and developed by Comcept and Inti Creates. You may be thinking when you first play the game, it seems to be similar to another side-scroller – and you’d be right. The founder of Comcept (now Level-5 Comcept) Keiji Inafune and Inti Creates worked exclusively on the past Mega Man series. Mighty No.9 is a spiritual successor to Megaman and it really comes through from the gameplay and characters.

Mighty No.9 Gameplay

As you can expect, this game plays EXACTLY like Mega Man with maybe a few tweaks. You still start off with just a gun, and after each stage, you can use the weapon of that stage’s boss. Each stage is one long level and at the end of it will be the boss. The difference to Megaman is that you can absorb the enemy robots to get a boost to their power type momentarily. This does not help so much, considering you’ll be only using the one power that the stage boss is weak to anyway. It’s a fun little game and a cool tribute to Mega Man but it really lacks originality to its predecessor.

Claire Extended Cut Title

Claire: Extended Cut

Claire (and it’s Extended Cut Version) is a 2D side-scrolling survival horror game from Hailstorm Games. While being a 2D platform looking game may not seem to be a good fit for a survival horror game, the tone and atmosphere sure are. The story starts off dark and basically stays that way throughout the game. You control Claire, who is in the hospital with her ill mother and you have to escape once the hospital turns dark and evil. You have to make it out all the while trying not to die of fright – literally. There are no weapons you just have to hide from the shadow creatures and make it out alive.

Claire Extended Cut Gameplay

You move left and right and can go through doors towards and away from the screen when prompted. There is a map which to me was a little hard to understand at first. The good thing on the map is once you try a door and it is locked, Claire marks it on there so you know not where to go. She is also joined by her dog Ani who helps her out and alerts her to the shadow monsters. The premise is what we have seen before many times, but I have not seen it on a 2D game since Laser Ghost back in the 90’s. The game pulls it off really well and the story is full of twists and many endings. It’s pretty creepy and hard to follow at times but this game does a 2D survival horror genre very well indeed.

Bombing Busters Title

Bombing Busters

The final game on the list of PS Plus free games for March is Bombing Busters. The game is an arcade bomb em ‘up(?) developed and published by Sanuk Games. Much like Mighty No.9 before it, this games looks similar to an old game in the past – Bomberman. In the game, you play as a robot created by Dr Wallow and must clear out critters in stages across several worlds. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can play alongside friends for fun locally or via online. Alas, I lack friends, so I played the Story Mode in this review.

Bombing Busters Gameplay

The game is not half bad as an arcade game, to be honest. The playfield is the same in each stage per world except for the things you can blow up and enemy critters. It also loads up differently each time so you’ll not always get the same map on the same level. Another decent game but once again sadly lacks original ideas as the premise is based off a more well-known game.

Getting five games in one month is a pretty sweet deal. While the latter three in this review are lesser known titles, Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank make up name value. Those two alone sold it for me but I am glad I got to play some cool smaller games too. Looking forward to getting the April editions of the PS Plus free games next week. Happy Easter everybody!