PS Plus Free Games For February

PS Plus Free Games For February

PS Plus Free Games For February

I have had a PS4 since September last year but never had the time nor money to get PS Plus and go online. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago either that I realised that once you sign up, you can get at least two free games per month! I am a stickler for a bargain and nothing comes cheaper than free. So I signed up and rather than go online and play online multiplayer, I picked up those free games. So I am going to give my thoughts on all three* of the PS Plus Free Games For February.

*Starblood Arena was also available but you need VR and I don’t have VR 🙁

PS Plus Free Games For February Rime Title Screen


First off we have Rime, an adventure–puzzle game made by Tequila Works. I had seen Rime some time ago before I was even a PS4 owner, and thought it looked stunning. Playing it and seeing it on my own TV made it feel even more epic. While the PS4 has the power for realistic visuals, Rime does an amazing job of making it look beautiful with its cartoon style. The idyllic setting of a remote island helps add to its quality graphics of course. Whether it be a day or night setting, Rime displays just how magnificent it truly looks.

PS Plus Free Games For February Rime Gameplay

The game itself is puzzle based, with a bit of platforming and that is my perfect game. No enemies, no danger, just playing – pure bliss. Throughout the game, The narrative is told without any audio apart from the amazing score and sound effects – no words at all. For the first twenty minutes, I was either lost or admiring the scenery. There are no tutorials, even from the get-go, just small button prompts here and there. Rime is stunning in both visuals and it’s soundtrack and while only a little into it, I can see myself playing it for hours on end until I finish the game.


PS Plus Free Games For February Knack Title Screen

Next up is Knack, a platform/beat ’em up made by SIE Japan Studio. Knack was one of the first games out for the PlayStation 4 – it was even bundled with it. In a game pool of action RPG’s and first person shooters, Knack stands out. Mixing fighting and platforming, the game itself is pretty cool but it’s a little difficult. I died THREE times on the first level (the tutorial mind you) in the same place. I managed to get past it though – I feel better knowing other people thought it was hard. At least it’s not that I just suck at the game this time!

PS Plus Free Games For February Knack Gameplay

The graphics are pretty sweet, and considering this is about four years old, you can see games have come a long way. It’s one of those games that you can easily die quickly on but luckily there are no lives to lose. When you die, you just respawn at the last checkpoint you reached. I have a long way to go to complete this game but looking forward to it all the way. You could say I’m getting the ‘knack’ of it *pauses for laughs* – no? Ah well.

Grand Kingdom

PS Plus Free Games For February Grand Kingdom Title

The final of the PS Plus free games for February is the turn-based tactical role-playing game from Monochrome Corporation, Grand Kingdom. I like my RPG games, but I have to say tactical ones are my least favourite. I thought I would give this a try because it looked cool, had a charm about it and, of course, it was free. The only other game I played similar to this was Final Fantasy Tactics on the PSP. Movement for each quest is represented by a map screen where each quest has a limit of moves. That is a nice little touch that makes it somewhat more challenging.

PS Plus Free Games For February Grand Kingdom Gameplay

As a tactical game, you can choose what party is best for the situation/quest at the time. The graphics are good but nothing to shout about. The fact this was also released on the PS Vita gives it a pass from me in that regard though. I like how you can physically change each character. You can even give them a voice, which in essence, is a grunt whenever they attack. You really need to use strategy in the battles, using different attacks for each enemy and situation. It is charming, clever and definitely worth a download – especially if you’re into tactical RPG games.

So there is my thought on the PS Plus free games for February. I will hopefully do a review each month with the games that are free to download. Also note that if you don’t ‘purchase’ it for your library, it goes away forever. Let me know what you think of the games in the comments below and any good ones I have missed in previous months. Also, my username is kydd_wyld (don’t judge) just in case you were wondering and felt like making a new friend! (Online Friend!)