HiYoU Haul

HiYoU Haul

When shopping in Newcastle this past week, my girlfriend and I stopped off at HiYoU. For those that don’t know, Hi-You is an Asian food emporium that sells lots of different types of food and drink. We picked up some random food stuff to try and today I thought I’d review those items here on my blog. We picked up both savoury and sweet foods as well as some drinks. Here is what I thought of the items that we purchased.

HiYou Haul

As you can see, we got quite a bit in on our shop. I won’t lie, I pretty much stuck to my comfort zone in this shop. I haven’t got anything that is out there in terms of food and taste. There is also nothing ridiculously spicy and hot here as I am not a big fan of heat in food. Although my girlfriend is and picked up her favourite Shin Ramyun as well as some new spicy noodles. However, as I’m not a fan those products they won’t be mentioned in this post. Sorry!

NongFu Spring Oolong Tea Peach Flavour and NongFu Spring Green Tea Grapefruit Flavour

NongFu Spring Oolong Tea Peach Flavour

The first item we picked up from HiYoU was this Oolong Tea. I’m not the biggest fan of cold tea but these drinks surprised me a lot. The peach Oolong tea (featuring Big Bang’s G-Dragon on the label) was my favourite of the two. The tea came through along with the peach flavour but it wasn’t overbearing at all. The taste was a little weak however had it of been stronger it would have put me off. 6/10

NongFu Spring Green Tea Grapefruit Flavour

The other tea from HiYoU we purchased was a grapefruit flavour. This fruit infused tea drink (with T.O.P from Big Bang adorning the label this time) came through a lot more. This, however, did affect how much Green Tea I could taste along with it. I liked it but preferred the subtly of the Peach flavour from the Oolong Tea drink. While a nice drink it was sadly placed second behind the peach one on this occasion. Shannon, however, preferred this tea although it could be purely because T.O.P was on the front! 5/10


Cheezy Corn Crunch Jalapeno FlavourCheezy Jalapeno Flavour Corn Crunch

Cheezy Jalapeno Flavour Corn Crunch

These remind of Nik-Naks that we have over in the UK as the shape and texture of them is spot on like them. These beauties tasted very cheesy but as for the ‘outrageously spicy’ claim, I can definitely attest to that. The snacks had no heat on them whatsoever which, for me, made them a lot better. The flavour of the jalapeno flavour came through no problem and it mixed really well with the cheese. The girlfriend and I managed to eat them all within an hour – they are extremely moreish. 7/10


Boy Bawang Golden Sweet Corn Butter FlavourBoy Bawang Butter Flavour Golden Sweet Corn

Boy Bawang Golden Sweet Corn Butter Flavour

Despite being a butter and corn snack, I expected it to be savoury. I was wrong as the first thing you can taste is indeed sugar – and a lot of it! You can see from the photo above just how much powdery butter/sugar there was on each one. The corn itself was pretty bland and it is the coating that makes the snack. These are indeed for those with a nice sweet tooth but far too much isn’t gonna be good for you or your teeth! These are great for a sweet snack but I wouldn’t suggest eating a lot in one go. Definitely not a whole bag either! 7/10


Cosmos Tteokbokki SnackCosmos Tteokbokki Snack

Cosmos Tteokbokki Snack

If you thought the corn was sweet, then this is going to blow it out of the water. I expected this to be savoury and spicy and I was half right. The snacks are perhaps the sweetest things ever! The sweetness and the spicy went really well together and I could not get enough of them. 9/10


Nissin Classic Flavour Soba Fried NoodlesNissin Classic Flavour Soba Fried Noodles Cooked

Nissin Classic Flavour Soba Fried Noodles

Nissin is huge in Japan so I thought I would try some and what better way to start than with the Classic flavour? The noodles come in your standard packaging with an oil/sauce packet and a small packet of veg. At first, I thought I was going to run out of the water but then I realised you had to fry them once cooked in the sauce. They tasted absolutely gorgeous! They were not hot at all (which is always a plus from me) and they were not too salty or greasy. It only took 5 minutes if that before they were all gone. They’ll be getting bought in the future no doubt with all the flavours available to me. 10/10


Lotte Strawberry Fresh PieLotte Strawberry Strawberry Flavour Fresh Pie

Lotte Strawberry Fresh Pie

This looks like small Victoria Sponge that you’d get for a fancy afternoon tea. The sponge was soft and light while the cream was not too sweet. After eating the other two sweet snacks on this shop I was glad for it. The sharpness of the strawberry jam was perfect with the light sponge and cream. It could have done with just a hint more cream and jam. Other than that, however, this was a very nice small sponge and it went down a treat. 9/10


Royal Family Strawberry Milk Mochi RollsRoyal Family Strawberry Milk Mochi Rolls Inside

Royal Family Strawberry Milk Mochi Rolls

And lastly, from HiYou I picked up some Mochi Rolls. Straight up, I am not a fan. They felt weird from the moment I picked it up. It was like a small raw sausage with a texture that I can not even describe (rubbery, maybe?). It tasted okay, I got the strawberry but the photo on the packaging did the actual product no favours. I could not see a jelly/jam fill and the ‘cream’ looked like but didn’t taste curdled. Overall the expectation was a lot higher than what it was – rather disappointed 3/10

I think I went overboard on the sweet food and most of them were really sweet. I will do another haul when we next go into Newcastle and get more things, different things. Food that I normally would avoid and not normally buy. I mean who knows, I may end up liking it.

Have you purchased any goodies from HiYoU?