5 Hilarious Completed Sitcoms You Need To Binge Watch

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5 Hilarious Completed Sitcoms You Need To Binge Watch

While I like serious drama shows as much as the next person, nothing tickles me like a sitcom. It always perks me up if I have a bad day just laughing away at the material. While primarily funny, sitcoms can at times be serious and it always works. In this post, I will cover my 5 favourite sitcoms, with some strict criteria though.  The series cannot be airing with new episodes as of this post. It must have completely finished the series (so no Big Bang Theory here!). Also, they must have aired for at least 100 episodes or 5 seasons. While not concrete for a good sitcom, longevity does factor into a good show. Without further ado, here is my list of 5 hilarious completed sitcoms you need to binge watch.

5. How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014: 9 Seasons)

The most recent show on this list, How I Met Your Mother was hilarious. Each arc was cleverly linked and any loose ends were tied up eventually. It lasted nearly a decade and each actor’s portrayal of their character was masterful. It managed to make an entire series play out over only a couple of days which was genius storytelling. But why does a number five entry get such glowing praise you ask? Without spoiling it, the ending was perhaps the worst finish of a series since Lost. Everything that had been built up over 9 years through carefully woven arcs was thrown out. The humour and gags through all 9 years can’t cover that atrocious last 2 episodes, at least to me.
Favourite Moment: “Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit” is perhaps the funniest musical number in a sitcom that I can remember.

4. Frasier (1993-2004: 11 Seasons)

The longest running show on this list, Frasier was on top of its game for over a decade. Sometimes viewed as the ‘sitcom for smart people’ the show never made you feel stupid. It’s brilliant writing and the amazing acting skills of one Kelsey Grammer made this a joy to watch over 11 years. It’s sadly low on my list because it started slowly in the first season or two before it kicked into gear. Also, the comic chemistry between Niles and Daphne was waning once they got married near the end of the show. Even though it started over 20 years ago, it still holds up today amongst many modern comedy shows.
Favourite Moment: In one scene involving only Niles and Eddie, nothing is said but it is surely one of the funniest 5 minutes in the entire series. This is the finest piece of physical comedy ever written.

3. Scrubs (2001-2010:  9 Seasons*)

Back in the early 2000’s, Scrubs was a fresh and new sitcom from America. One thing it didn’t have like most sitcoms was either a live audience or a laughter track. That immediately made if different to any other sitcom at the time. The cast of characters grew over the seasons, with each one getting a fair share of screen time, sometimes even an episode dedicated to them. The show was not always played for laughs and had some serious dramatic moments to it as well which were executed perfectly.
Favourite Moment: All of those cutaway scenes were funny, but my favourite moment overall was the final episode of season 8 where it should have ended. It was a perfect send off and really should have ended the series. *While Med School was not bad by any means, it did ruin the perfect ending of the show.

2. Friends (1994-2004: 10 Seasons)

I can’t have a list involving completed sitcoms without putting Friends on it can I? For 10 years I could not wait for the next episode to air on Channel 4 on Friday nights. Watching back, some of the first seasons were hit or miss. Like a fine wine though, the show got better with age and matured perfectly in the last few seasons. Everyone has their favourite character (mine was Ross) but all of them were written well and played better. While many sitcoms have come and gone, Friends remains the one who set the bar for all those to follow. And the less said about follow up show, Joey, the better!
Favourite Moment: Friends has so many hilarious moments it was hard to narrow it down to just one. But Ross telling Rachel a sarcastic story involving their daughter Emma and an eagle is so god damn hilarious!

1. The Office US (2005-2013: 9 Seasons)

It may surprise some, but The Office US beats out Friends on this list of completed sitcoms for me. I never watched original The Office UK but I was hooked on this one from day one. I loved the documentary style editing and all of the characters fit perfectly in a family like way. While it was a shame to see Steve Carell depart after seven seasons, it didn’t sink and lose its way. The strength of the cast and writers made it float without Steve and it was always hilarious. I liked how minor characters became regulars after the first two seasons, each with their own quirks.
Favourite Moment: I love all of this show and some of the one-liners and scenarios but I have to pick one. So instead I am going to go with every Jim prank on Dwight ever. EVER!

What completed sitcoms are on your list of funniest sitcoms that you binge watch? None appear on my list? Let me know so I can give them a watch!

As an added note, I had delayed this post for a few weeks as I never got around to finish it until now. During that time, however, John Mahoney aka Martin Crane passed away. He was a great actor and I remembered him fondly as the down to earth blue collar dad of the pompous Frasier and Niles. RIP John Mahoney.