5 Games That I Think Need To Be Remade

5 Games That I Think Need To Be Remade

5 Games That I Think Need To Be Remade

After my previous HiYoU Newcastle haul I thought I’d switch things up on my blog and share a gaming post this week. With the release of Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy only a few weeks away, it got me thinking. What other games could do with a reboot? Plenty of games it turns out but how many would sell well in today’s bustling gaming market? I had a good hard think and came up with five suggestions that I personally think could sell well if released as a re-master of its original piece.

5 Games That I Think Need To Be Remade - Spyro The Dragon

Spyro The Dragon Trilogy

The first of the five games I think could be remade is the Spyro The Dragon Trilogy. If the Crash Bandicoot original trilogy is going to get a reboot, it’s only fair it’s little brother Spyro gets one too. When talking about the best platform games, the first three Spyro games come near the top of the list. The less said about The Legend Of Spyro trilogy the better. The graphics update alone can show the beauty of each world in the game and their uniqueness. The gameplay of all three games wouldn’t even have to change. Even the mini games from Ripto’s Rage and Year Of The Dragon broke up the platforming nicely. I would love it if they did remake the games and even featured a tease upon the official release of The N Sane Trilogy.

5 Games That I Think Need To Be Remade - Future Cop LAPD

Future Cop L.A.P.D

Often a forgotten classic for the PS One, Future Cop L.A.P.D was a fun little game. It didn’t have much of a story to go with it, but the gameplay was pretty cool. Whether you were squishing little bad guys or blowing up things with your missiles, it was always fun. The multiplayer mode was also great fun. I mean trying to capture all the turrets and weapons to destroy the opposing team was enjoyable. It is completely different to the usual FPS online games we see a plethora of today. Imagine how much fun you can have by playing multiplayer online with someone you don’t even know. How about going through Story Mode with amazing HD updated graphics? The game scored well but didn’t sell well and I think that is a crying shame. Let’s bring back this hidden gem and shine it up real nice.

5 Games That I Think Need To Be Remade - Metroid Fusion

Metroid Fusion

While the last Metroid game came out as early as 2016, Federation Force was a first-person shooter, unlike the original platform Metroid and Metroid Fusion games. With this reboot, I wouldn’t go all out HD PS4/XBOX One graphics. In this instance, I think the reboot would be best suited as still a side-scrolling platformer. Look how well the Super Mario and Donkey Kong games have done. They both looked amazing and played so well as they did back in the day. While the Mario and Kong games went for the cartoon style, Metroid can be more polished and less cartoon like. A HD Ripley battling Samus on a 2D Screen would be immense, including how bad ass and sweet looking it would be.

5 Games That I Think Need To Be Remade - Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

While this came out back in 1995 on the SNES, I first played it on the Nintendo DS in mid-2000. I was always a huge Final Fantasy fan so another JRPG made by Square was always going to lure me in. The reason I think this should be remade is because of the battle system and how it would fit well in today’s JRPG genre. The gameplay and exploration smoothed perfectly into a battle when you encountered an enemy in the game. Seeing all of the different times in updated graphics as well as the enemies and bosses would be a treat for the eyes.

5 Games That I Think Need To Be Remade - Silent Hill

Silent Hill

It always struck me as odd that the Silent Hill HD Collection featured both the second and third games but not the first. Perhaps the game alone, a defining entry into the survival horror genre, deserves its own remake without sharing the spotlight. The jump scares from the first game can be made a thousand times scarier by having the graphics in perfect HD resolution. All the beings and monsters in all their 1080p gore glory would be a sight to see. While Shattered Memories, P.T and the cancelled Silent Hills are close to a Silent Hill remake, nothing can top the original in both atmosphere and story. Even if P.T did make me crap myself a dozen times over.

What do you think of these five games getting a re-boot/remake? Do you agree or disagree?